Hello All,

A little bit about me. My name is Beth and I am a mother of 2 beautiful children! Isn’t that what all mothers say about their children?? They are really little monsters that are disguised as children. I have a teenage boy who I think the world of but is just beginning to think that parents are Stupid. This has been his favorite word all year!! I have a little girl who thinks she is an actress and would prefer to be on a stage than anywhere else. She is a smaller monster but still a monster in that she is realizing that she is a little person and would like to exude whatever authority she can at the moment. I work full-time as I have two children to support in their monster ways!

I have started this blog/site because I am a scrapbooker at heart. I truly believe that this is my calling and if I can help anyone out by teaching them how to  preserve their memories in a way that can be shared with their family or ensure that their memories are passed on throughout the generations then I would like to do so. I will share my layouts and craft projects to provide inspiration to you.

Other then scrapbooking you can also find me watching basketball (I am a die-hard Miami Heat fan), playing video games or reading. If you have any questions about scrapbooking or just want to talk about how the Heat are doing you can contact Beth at beth@scrappingwonders.com. 


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