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This review will be about an app that I use on a regular basis. This app allows me to upload my pictures and get them printed out before I know it. I have written about this app on several occasions specifically in my iScrap-N-Snap series that started last week.

Shutterfly is a great app that enables you to upload your photos directly from your iPhone. Currently Android does not have a version of this app. Sorry to all you Droid users.

Back to the app, you have 4 areas that you use. These tabs are albums, camera, upload and settings. Let’s start with the techy side of the app and look at settings. First you need a shutterfly account and you will have to sign into the app. Next your thumbnail cache should be set to unlimited so that you do not have any limitations on the photos that you upload. The notifications should be turned to on so that you are notified when your upload has been completed and you have new photos on your phone.

My favorite part of the app is the new photos option. This option lets you know when you have new photos on your phone that can be uploaded. This way you don’t have to look through all the photos that you have on your phone just the ones since your last upload to shutterfly.

You can log in with your facebook account but for my own personal reasons I choose not to. It’s more of a privacy thing for me. The last setting is the ability to have a shake viewer which means if you shake your phone a slideshow will appear.

Shutterfly gives you the ability to have access to all your albums that you have created on the site as well as your share site if you have created one. A share site is a site that allows you to upload your pictures and family can access your site with a password so that you can share your pictures with your family.

The camera tab is just that you can take a picture directly from the shutterfly app. I never use this feature as I always take my pictures with my regular camera icon on my phone.

The upload tab allows you to access your photos that our on your phone. This is also the same tab that you will be in when you are uploading photos from your phone. When in this tab you will also have the option to choose which album you want the photos to be installed in.

*Just as a side note snapfish has an app as well. I used to order photo prints from them but I had a very bad experience with them and will never use them again.

So there is my app review this Tuesday! What apps do you use to upload your photos from your phone?



  1. Lucky for the iPhone folks. Shutterfly’s engineers have had *years* to work on an Android app. It’s an immensely popular platform and the lack of support for both the platform and the community should rightly drive users elsewhere. Shutterfly users have been grumbling about taking their business elsewhere but without specifics it’s an empty threat. So below are the best two alternatives for all who are as frustrated as I am.

    1. Use Flickr as your storage and sharing solution. Flickr images can then be transferred directly to Snapfish for prints, books, calendars, etc. Benefits of the Flickr/Snapfish combo include the requisite Android app, most of the same features and creation options as you’ll find in Shutterfly but also Flickr-based apps like Bulkr which lets you download all of your images for free – which you can’t do in Shutterfly.

    2. Adormapix as both storage and print solution. Android apps include a public gallery and an uploader. The other photo services either lacked comparible printing services (Picasa, Photobucket, Fokti) or the Android app (Winkfish, VistaPrint, FotoTime).

    I say it’s time users bail on Shutterfly and start uploading, designing, printing and spending elsewhere. iPhone users… well, as you were, I guess.

    • Hi Ray, I agree with you that Shutterfly should have created an Android app a long time ago and I keep checking to see if they have made one yet but alas they have not and I am lucky enough to have my trusty iPhone! I also use Flickr but I do not print through Snapfish as they burned me pretty bad a few years ago when I ordered prints from them. The prints were horrible and completely grainy. They tried to state that it was my camera which I knew was incorrect as the photos were from my wonderful Nikon DSLR camera. I have not heard of Adormapix so I am going to have to check this out and see what it’s all about. As for me because I am a die hard iPhone user I will not be bailing on Shutterfly anytime soon. I appreciate your opinion and look forward to you commenting on some of my other app reviews in the future!

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