Get Those Cards Organized

On a regular basis these days I get questions on how did I organize my project life cards by color. I wrote a whole post about it that you can read HERE, but sometimes a video is just so much better. I created a brief video on how I organized my project life cards by color so that I could my scrap on quickly and easily. I scrap by color so for me this was the best decision that I ever made.

I will be adding theme categories to my organizer that you can grab right HERE but for right now this works perfectly for me and has made me so happy. Just a note with the organizer you can adjust the dividers that come with the organizer so that you can have 4×6 and 3×4 cards in one organizer.

After watching this video will you take the plunge and organize your cards by color?


Rosette Wreath Fun

make it monday fall blog hop

October is coming close to an end which means for me it is time to start thinking about some other decorations to make. Don’t forget to hop along and check out the other ladies in this Make it Monday blog hop where they all share inspiring Fall projects for this hop.

Oh how I love rosettes and I love wreaths. I have been all about making decorations this year! I have already made a wreath for Christmas and I had so much fun making my Christmas one that I felt a Fall  wreath would be awesome as well. I am going to share with you how I made my Fall Rosette Wreath. Now making rosette’s is not something that is new to me but I don’t normally make a bunch of them at one time. I figured I would be smart though and score the entire piece of paper and then cut it into strips.

scoring paper rosette wreath fall

I did this project in an assembly line fashion. First I scored all the paper that I am going to use for my wreath. I chose paper from the Close To My Heart Pathfinding kit, which is gorgeous I might add! Next I cut all my paper into 2 inch or 1.5 inch strips.

cutting paper rosette fall wreath

Next step is to fold all the pieces in accordion fashion and then adhere them together with some bonding memories glue from Close To My Heart. I swear this glue is the best wet glue I have ever used. It is great for putting large pieces of paper together as it doesn’t wrinkle the paper and it is a strong hold so the glue is perfect for things that you want to last, like this wreath I am making.

bonding memories glue fall rosette wreath


Each rosette was made by gluing either two or three strips of paper together and then closing it up by forming a circle. The next step is to make sure that you have something to fold the rosette down on to.

Glued 3 strips of paper together and

Glued 3 strips of paper together and

To create my circles for my rosettes to sit on I used my trusty old Creative Memories circle cutter and cut out a circle for each rosette. I would then use my hot glue gun and put some glue down on my circle. The next step is to fold the rosette down and place it on top of the circle. You want to use a hot glue gun for this or a really strong adhesive that dries quickly otherwise you are going to be holding down a rosette for a long time.

showing glue for rosette fall wreath

After I have placed my rosette on this pile of glue my job is to hold it down for a few seconds until the glue is dry. Now of course you would think your rosette is done but its not, you have to cover up the middle part with some kind of embellishment so that you don’t see that little hole in the middle.

completed rosette fall wreath


I used many different embellishments for my rosettes. This butterfly is a wood veneer and the bling came with my Close To My Heart Pathfinding workshop on the go. I love these workshops on the go because you get so much product for a great price!


butterfly fall rosette wreath


I also put my Cricut Explore to work for this project. I can not tell you how much I absolutely love this machine! I have to admit this is one of best machines I have ever had I am still learning all the things it get do. I made this pretty flower using my Explore and all the leaves that you will see in the final product were also made with the Explore as well as the die cut Fall in the middle of the wreath.

flower fall rosette wreath


Here is my final wreath. I love how it turned out and all the colors of the wreath. The Pathfinding paper is perfect for he fall holidays and I can see that I am going to have a ton of fun creating layouts with this paper for Thanksgiving this year. I am super excited as it is going to the baby’s first Thanksgiving! I forgot to mention that I cut a circle out of an old cardboard box with my craft knife and then turned the circle into  a wreath by cutting out a another circle in the middle. My cardboard box has been turned into something pretty.

fall rosette wreath


Have you tried making one of these rosette wreaths before?

Products Used:

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P.S. Don’t forget that I have some pretty Halloween flair for sale in my shop HERE, grab it while you still can.


Exploring Classes

cricut exploreOh my goodness I have to admit that I could not pass up the HSN deal on Craft day last week.

I could barely contain my excitement when my brand new purple Cricut Explore arrived.

This machine is simply amazing and I am still not aware of all of its capabilities. When you add this machine to the amazing Close To My Heart cartridges that we have, there’s no telling what we can create.

Some of the things that you can do with this new Cricut are print then cut, this means that you can tell your printer to print something through the Design Space and then your Cricut will cut it. Can we say awesome! Next up is the fact that you can cut any font that is on your computer. Can we say whooohoooo! You can upload your own images to the Design Space and then choose to print and cut them or just cut them.

You don’t have to switch out your blade in order to write or scor because the Cricut Explore can do that at the same time with the two housing capabilities. You can see in my picture that I have a blade installed as well as my scoring tool, which came with my Cricut as part of the deal on HSN.

Now that you know a few of the awesome things that this new machine can do lets talk about how are you going to learn how to make the machine do all of these things. That is where Cara Miller comes into play. I am taking her Cricut Explore class and it is perfect. Cara is teaching me step by step what my new Explore can do her video lessons.  The class is only $15 and let me tell you that is a deal when it comes to all the information that is jam packed into this class. So instead of hunting around YouTube and looking for how tos on the Cricut Explore save yourself the hassle and just take Cara’s class. You can grab the class right HERE! 

Cara also has tons of other classes and whispers for sale so even if you don’t have an Explore their is probably something that is just perfect for you, pertaining to a Cricut of course. I have used Cara’s whispers for the craft room and for my art philosophy cartridge and let me just tell you this whisper helped me learn how to navigate my cartridge so that I am always getting the right cuts for my Close To My Heart stamps.

P.S. Did you know that the brand new Artfully Sent Cartridge is perfect for card making and for creating your own project life cards. The cartridge comes with 3 large stamp sets and a pack of colonial white paper. This is a great deal and you will love how easily you can create your own cards. You can grab the cartridge HERE.


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