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On a regular basis these days I get questions on how did I organize my project life cards by color. I wrote a whole post about it that you can read HERE, but sometimes a video is just so much better. I created a brief video on how I organized my project life cards by color so that I could my scrap on quickly and easily. I scrap by color so for me this was the best decision that I ever made.

I will be adding theme categories to my organizer that you can grab right HERE but for right now this works perfectly for me and has made me so happy. Just a note with the organizer you can adjust the dividers that come with the organizer so that you can have 4×6 and 3×4 cards in one organizer.

After watching this video will you take the plunge and organize your cards by color?


Exploring Classes

cricut exploreOh my goodness I have to admit that I could not pass up the HSN deal on Craft day last week.

I could barely contain my excitement when my brand new purple Cricut Explore arrived.

This machine is simply amazing and I am still not aware of all of its capabilities. When you add this machine to the amazing Close To My Heart cartridges that we have, there’s no telling what we can create.

Some of the things that you can do with this new Cricut are print then cut, this means that you can tell your printer to print something through the Design Space and then your Cricut will cut it. Can we say awesome! Next up is the fact that you can cut any font that is on your computer. Can we say whooohoooo! You can upload your own images to the Design Space and then choose to print and cut them or just cut them.

You don’t have to switch out your blade in order to write or scor because the Cricut Explore can do that at the same time with the two housing capabilities. You can see in my picture that I have a blade installed as well as my scoring tool, which came with my Cricut as part of the deal on HSN.

Now that you know a few of the awesome things that this new machine can do lets talk about how are you going to learn how to make the machine do all of these things. That is where Cara Miller comes into play. I am taking her Cricut Explore class and it is perfect. Cara is teaching me step by step what my new Explore can do her video lessons.  The class is only $15 and let me tell you that is a deal when it comes to all the information that is jam packed into this class. So instead of hunting around YouTube and looking for how tos on the Cricut Explore save yourself the hassle and just take Cara’s class. You can grab the class right HERE! 

Cara also has tons of other classes and whispers for sale so even if you don’t have an Explore their is probably something that is just perfect for you, pertaining to a Cricut of course. I have used Cara’s whispers for the craft room and for my art philosophy cartridge and let me just tell you this whisper helped me learn how to navigate my cartridge so that I am always getting the right cuts for my Close To My Heart stamps.

P.S. Did you know that the brand new Artfully Sent Cartridge is perfect for card making and for creating your own project life cards. The cartridge comes with 3 large stamp sets and a pack of colonial white paper. This is a great deal and you will love how easily you can create your own cards. You can grab the cartridge HERE.



Mini Calendars

make it monday fall blog hop

Welcome to my site and the Make it Monday blog hop. I hope you have been enjoying these hops on Monday. You should have come to my site from Connie who showed you how to make a faboulous Fall banner. If I am the first person that you are seeing in this hop then you can start at the beginning with Gina who has a tutorial on how to upcyle plastic packaging. You can see the full list of the hop at the bottom of the post as well.

This post is all about how to make mini monthly calendars for your project life/pocket scrapbooking title pages. If you are anything like me you might be tackling project life from a monthly point of view. I have said it before scrapping weekly would drive me insane. My entire album is being done monthly and I am pretty sure that I will have two volumes this year, can you believe how crazy that is. All my photos are currently printed up until September which we just finished and I am almost positive that Shutterfly will have their 101 free prints after Halloween so I am going to wait for that and then print September and October.

I went searching on Pinterest to see what other people had done and everything that I found just seemed way to complicated to duplicate. I got to thinking that there has to be an easier way to make this happen. This is where my iPhone came in to play and I had an aha moment. I was extremly happy with my results and I am able to make tiny little calendards directly from my phone and print them on my Selphy and have a title card in five minutes or less.

Here is the video sharing with you how to make this happen for your own project life albums. For those of you that would like a monthly calendar but would like to highlight which week you are scrapping on the calendar you can do that to. I share all these steps in the video below.

Here is the complete list of apps that I used the tutorial to make these calendars.

1. Phonto

2. A Beautiful Mess

3. Square Sized

4. Project Life

5. Fuzel

Here is what the 3.5×3.5 calendar looks on a project life card. I haven’t printed my October one yet because I am waiting to see what deals Shutterfly is going to have for me. Namely my free 101 prints!

May project life title page

May title page for project life

Calendar printed by itself as 3.5x3.5

Calendar printed by itself as 3.5×3.5

Now that you have learned how to make these cute little calendars for project life/pocket scrapbooking will you give it a try? And once you have tried it you will need a place to store the title cards that you have made! This is where the Close To My Heart medium organizer comes into play. I have placed all my project life cards in one sorted by color and I swear this is the best thing I have ever done. I scrap by color but the same theory would work if you wanted to organize your stash of cards by theme. You can purchase these awesome organizers HERE and you can click HERE to see how I have organized my cards.

All organized by color

All organized by color

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies in the hop if you haven’t already.

GinaZee Creating a tag using plastic packaging from our favorite scrapbooking supplies.

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