Ideas on Organization!

Organizing your scrapbooking products is key if you are going to be able to find your scrapbooking products and get your albums done. I am currently working with a small area for all my scrapbooking needs but I have organized it to the best of my ability for now. I have found many inspiration pieces that I want when I move to a bigger house. I wanted to share some of my ideas with you and get some of your opinions on the pieces that I am thinking about purchasing at some point in my life :) These are just a few of my wants and I have them all posted on pinterest as well so feel free to check me out on pinterest!!! This desk is my favorite and I think any scrapbooker would love it.

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest



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    OK. I’m drooling over the desk. The open container, not so much. Mostly because I am not that good about dusting. OK, I confess, I NEVER dust! LOL. The big cabinet … well. A girl can dream!!

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