So this page is really just to inform you of the products that I use and love.

The cricut is an amazing die cutting machine that I can’t live without. Sometimes stickers and stamps just don’t cut it and you need a specific type of title or embellishment. The cricut makes this happen!

The best 12 inch trimmer that I have found is made by friskars. I have tried almost all of them and I absolutely love this trimmer. Plus the blades last a long time and they are not outrageously priced.

Albums are what you use to house your wonderful scrapbook albums. I prefer to only use creative memories albums. I really like the strap hinge album. I love that they have so many different coversets to choose from and they are guaranteed forever. I have albums that are over 10 years old and look like they are brand new. I also prefer the creative memories adhesives. They are comparable in price to other adhesives out there and they have always worked the best for me.

This is a great light for scrapbooking and it really helps those people that have to scrapbook at night.

Tape/Adhesive whatever you want to call it! I need lots of it so this little device has worked out really well for me!

Organization is key and these are great for organizing your paper if you have the space!

Another organization tool for paper great if you don’t have a ton of space

Tools I love my making memories tool kit and I highly recommend everyone have a set of tools!

If you make cards or you just need to score something then this is the tool for you. I use mine almost on a daily basis!

Just an embossing tool. If you already have a die cutting machine but you would like to try your hand at embossing then this is the product for you. I love mine!

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