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one little wordLast year my one little word was Believe and that word seemed to work for me and my family. This year though I choose the word Kindness! I choose Kindness as my word for many different reasons but probably some of these reasons you would not have thought of.

The reasons why I choose Kindness for this year:

1. I need to be kinder to myself and realize that I am only one person and that I do not have to be super mom, super wife or super blogger. I just need to be me and realize that I can’t and shouldn’t do it all.

2. I need to be kinder to my teenager. Teenagers are so hard to raise but if I am always focusing on the negative things that my teenager does where is that going to get us? I need to be patient with my teenager and slow down with my teenager and take the time to truly listen to what my teenager is saying.

3. I need to be kinder to my honey and realize that not everyone is a Type A personality and that just because I want something done right now, it doesn’t mean that it should be done right that minute.

4. I need to learn to let go and not be so uptight and just have some fun with the kids and with the family.

5. I need to be kind to myself by ensuring that I take a few minutes each day for myself especially with a new baby coming!

KINDNESS IS MY WORD FOR 2014! I plan to focus on being KIND to me, to my family and to others around me this year. I plan on slowing down and enjoying my life instead of worrying about things and actions that I can’t control!

Have you chosen a word for 2014? Lets us know in the comments!




  1. I love your word and your reasons. My word this year is Nourish. I plan to nourish my relationships, my health, my home and my family.
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