Why Project Life?

I am currently on a Project Life kick lately and you all may be wondering why. The reason why I originally made this shift was so that I could catch up on past years that I have not scrapped. Then something crazy happened and I had another baby!

You would think that being home with an infant would give me a ton of time to get scrapping, but apparently that is not the case. Now that I have three kids I have even less time to get creative.

Back in January, Lain Ehmann created True Scrap Pocket Pages which was an all day event jam-packed with 6 classes from amazing ladies like Layle Koncar, Marcy Penner, Monica McNeil, Stephanie Bryan, Lilith Eeckels and Traci Reed. All these ladies taught me something new about pocket page scrapping!

Now all these classes are for sale individually for $9 dollars each or you can buy all six of them for $7.50 each by entering code SAVE40 at checkout. These classes are only on sale until April 30th! After that the price is going to go up.

If I had to pick a favorite class from the event it would be Marcy Penner’s class I really learned a ton of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of pocket scrapping by incorporating my family into the process.


Each class is an hour-long and once you purchase the class it is yours forever! For this low price you might as well grab one or all of these classes! Click right HERE and get on with your pocket scrapping self!


Easy 3×4 Project Life Cards

A while ago I purchased the We R Memory Keepers 3×4 Punch from Blitsy. If you have never heard about Blitsy then I highly suggest that you go and check them out. Blitsy is an online craft store where you can get amazing deals on your crafting supplies. I have ordered from them a few times now and every single time I have been extremely happy with my purchases.

Anyways lets get back to the 3×4 punch I really wanted this punch since I have really decided to give Project Life a try this year. I actually have two Project Life albums that I am working on this year. I have the baby’s album which I am currently doing digitally and I have the family album that I am doing using the Kraft core kit. 

I was very excited when my 3×4 punch arrived but with having a new baby and 2 other kids in the house it was a while before I really got a chance to play with the punch. I have to admit that I love the punch! I also have to admit that you can get quite a bit of a workout using the punch. With this punch you have to put some serious pressure on it to get it to punch through your cardstock.

My goal was to go through my scrap paper box (I have a 12×12 iris box full of scrap paper) and create Project Life cards that I could use in my albums. Does anybody else have an issue with getting rid of their scrap paper? I never realized how stuffed this box was and how meaningless some of the paper that I had been saving was.

I digress though the punch made the job of creating 3×4 project life cards very easy except for Bazzill Cardstock. This was the only cardstock that I had a really hard time with and really had to put some muscle into the punch in order to get it to punch through the paper. Bazzill cardstock is my heaviest cardstock at the moment and the punch had a bit of a time going through it.

When it comes to turning a printed 4×6 photo into a 3×4 photo the We R Memory Keepers punch worked wonderfully and I have tons of photos that are already printed that I have decided that i am going to pocket scrap.

I am thinking that I am also going to invest in a die for my big shot and see if i have an easier time creating my 3×4 cards. I found this one over at Technique tuesday that i am thinking about purchasinng.

Lastly my cricut expression can also get the job done for making 3×4 cards but I find that i have a hard time using the Cricut for my scrap paper. I have used the Cricut though for making my 3×4 cards and I did this by watching a tutorial which i have posted below for you.

Now if you dont have any of these tools you can always use your trusty trimmer and a corner rounder. All you have to do is trim your paper down to the right size and round the corners. This is exactly what I did to create some 4×6 blank project life cards while I was going through my scrap paper. I do suggest using the Becky Higgins corner rounder because then your corners will match any core kit that you choose to use.

My eco-crafty friend GeeZee did this great post on how to upcycle and create project life cards and you can check that post out here.



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