Photo Shoot

I had a very busy weekend. My best friend was here from NY and she is a wonderful photographer.  There is a major plus to having a friend that is a photographer and that is that she can take amazing pictures of your beautiful children. This weekend we had some good times but we managed to sneak in a photo shoot of my little monster. These photos will be considered to be her 4-year-old photos. I am looking forward to turning some of these photos into scrapbooking pages. I just have to find the right paper. I will definitely be doing something with a simple background as her dress is so vibrant. The majority of my layouts are simple layouts as that is how I scrapbook. I believe that the story behind the picture is the whole reason to scrapbook. My layouts have minimal embellishments because I want the pictures and the journaling to tell the story. I am sharing a few of the photos with you before I turn them into wonderful scrapbooking pages which I will share hopefully by the end of this week.



  1. These are wonderful photos! She’s adorable! :)

  2. My favorite is your favorite!! I bet you could have some really funny comments under the one with her sitting with her hands folded in her lap :-)

    • LOL you are probably right. I have to pick one that I am going to turn into a photo panel or maybe do a collage for a photo panel…..Ughhhhh so many choices :)

      • TAGS! I am a tag lover, and love to use them in my scrapbooking and candiakmrg. I save decorative tags (with the fibers and clips too) from clothing that I purchase so that I can re-purpose them into great papercrafting accents!

  3. Oh she’s just so adorable :) The scrapbook pages are going to be gorgeous :)

  4. wow ….she’s all grown up

  5. She did a great job on the photos!

    • Thank you she does amazing work. I have a few other pictures that she took over the weekend of the baby playing soccer but I am going to turn them into scrapbook layouts before I share.

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