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Oh my goodness has it been one of those weekends for me. This weekend just seemed to fly right by me and I didn’t get to do half of the things that I needed to do this weekend. I have no idea how this keeps happening to me.  I came home from work today to a sick little one so I am not expecting  a better tomorrow just a really busy tomorrow too.

I wanted to share the remaing layouts that I did in this great digtal 6×6 album that I made with my Creative Memories Software. Don’t get me wrong I love my Photoshop Elements but there is something about the ease of the Storybook Creator and that really just makes digital scrapbooking a breeze!

You can find my first half of the album here! So do you have a best friend that you scrap about?




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    Hi Beth, I’ve never tried digital scrapbooking. I kinda prefer the old fashioned way but I can see how much nicer handwriting font can be doing it the digital way…hmm. So, in a digital scrapbook I guess you print the finished product and put those sheets in an album? Or do you just keep it in a computer. I dunno but it would defeat the purpose of folks sitting around and going through a hard copy scrapbook you know?

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      Hi Julie I actually print my digital layouts. The best friend scrapbook was done digitally but printed into a beautiful book through creative memories. I like digital but I prefer to scrap the good old fashioned way as well. I will also print the digital page and add it to my regular scrapbook. Hybrid scrapbooking is cool I actually pinned some really cool tips on my Pinterest today about doing both. It’s on my scrapbooking tips and tricks board :)

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        Thanks Beth, that sounds so cool! I’m on Pinterest too so I will check out your page there too. I’m very much into learning and find it so fun to look at the books later in time and the added things with scrapbooking help jog your memory too and remember the little things of each even too. :)

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      I do like working with digital Vanessa, but I still prefer to do my layouts the good old fashioned way. I don’t think there is anything better than getting my hands dirty :) Do you scrapbook at all?

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      Awww thank you so much Vi. I was actually working on my sketch last night and hope to have it posted by the end of the night :) Don’t forget to share that there will be a winner this month and they will get a gift certificate to LCI paper!

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    Beth, wow, you really know your stuff! I have almost no experience with digital scrapbooking but recently bought Photoshop Elements. I crave to learn how to put words onto pictures first, then combine pictures on backgrounds. Can I do that with Photoshop Elements? Thanks for the inspiration and any suggestions.
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      Hi Kebba you can definitely do that in photoshop elements and its a lot easier then you make think it is. Sign up on the right and I will send you some information :)

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