Update on the Best Apps for Scrappers

7 appsWell quite some time ago I created a post about the best apps for scrapbookers. Since then their have been many changes to the apps that I use and I expect that with the new project life app coming out from Becky Higgins, the Persnickety app that is now available and the new Rhonna Magic app that was just launched I am going to have to do a whole new post before the end of the year.

I was lucky to share a new post with Bella Crafts Quarterly this week about the top 7 apps that I am currently using to get all my scrapbooking done quickly and eaisly. You can bop on over there and check my post out about the top 7 apps by clicking here.

I also have some exciting news about the new Cricut cartridge for Close To My Heart that just became available yesterday. I am so excited about this cartridge as it is perfect for card makers but also has some images on it that are perfect for scrapbookers to.

New Artfully Sent Close To My Heart Cricut Cartridge

With the cartridge you get:

  • Over 700 images
  • 3 D Sized stamp sets
  • 1 pack of 12×12 white daisy cardstock paper

I am also giving away one paper pack of your choosing if you purchase the new Cricut Cartridge Artfully Sent between now and September 30, 2014. All you have to do is send me an email with your paper pack choice and I will get your paper sent out to you right away. This offer is available through me only and not a Close To My Heart deal. This is a $9.95 value that you get exclusively from me! To pick your paper pack all you have to do is click here, but remember do not add the paper pack to your order. Just email me with your choice and I will get that paper pack sent out to you directly from me. 

To place your order for the Artfully Sent cartridge click HERE.


App Tuesday-Print

It’s the first Tuesday of the month I can’t believe it, where are in April already. Last week I did a review on how to print Instagram photos from your Canon Selphy printer. This was a great review if you have a Canon Selphy and you can find that post here.

If you don’t that’s ok because I have a review on a little app that will let you print your 4×4 Instagram photos on your photo printer at home. The app is called Print and the company that makes it is Eurosmartz so the best way to search for this app is to type in Euromsmartz and then pick the Eurosmartz app with the purple icon. I will have a link in the post for you though as well.

I found out about this app from Jessica Sprague and I tested it out and it works so of course I am going to share this information with you. I know you want to get all those Instagram photos printed and into a scrapbook or mini album!

After you have downloaded the app from the app store you are going to need to head on over to Eurosmartz.com and download the software so that your iPhone/iPad/Android device can talk to your printer through your computer for these 4×4 prints. You can access the download page here.

Your next step is to adjust the settings on your computer so that the software can tell your printer to print these photos at the right size. Here is a screen shot of the settings that you need to have in place under the images tab.

image capture of print app


After you have set up the settings you have to head on over to your iPhone/iPad/Android device and make sure that the settings over there are correct.

screen shot of print app on iPad


These settings are based on an iPad/iPhone but I am sure that the concept is the same for an Android. The main thing is that you want your app to be told the same thing that you told the software on your computer.

The image size should be set to fill page and the image orientation should be set to landscape because that is the same settings that you applied to the software.

Once all your settings are in place you are ready to print and have a grand ole time with your Instagram photos!

Have you been printing out all those Instagram photos?


iPhone and scrapbooking

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. All those photos that you take with your phone are all the pictures of your everyday lives. Do you want to leave these photos just trapped in your phone or do you want to tell your story?

I want to share all my photos on my phone not just on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram or whatever other site you share your photos too.

I want to share them in my scrapbook so when the family is hanging out and they want to reminisce we can because our story was told right down to the little details of why my child was wearing that cute outfit or how they made that huge mess in my kitchen. What about those photos that you take when your out and about doing things. You take those photos for a reason but those photos get lost when all you do with them is post them to whatever social media outlet your using.

I want to help you get those photos off your phone and into a quick scrapbooking layout. What can I do to help you? Let me know the comments and I will create a tutorial for you so that there will be no more guessing on what to do with those photos.

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