Who Needs Labels

make it monday blog hopHello there and welcome to our Make it Monday blog hop I hope you enjoyed Alice’s post on how to use artwork on your layouts. My post is all about my aha moment. I am in way to many Facebook groups but that is a story for another post. Any who I always see people asking about labels and where can they get labels for their project life. I was wondering this to and then the light bulb went on!

I figured out how to make my own because who who wants to spend anywhere from $3 to $5 dollars a pop for some labels, not me. Lucky for me I have a Cricut and the awesome Art Philosophy cartridge from Close To My Heart! I also have the Cricut Craft Room Basics, which everyone that uses Cricut Craft Room has. So I figured that I could create my own labels in the Craft Room and get them cut out. Not only could I create my own labels but I could also cut them out in different colors. All I need is cardstock, my Cricut and a little bit of time!

I sat down with my computer and a one track mind of getting some labels created I spent some time in the craft room and made some labels. It was not very time consuming and before I knew it I had a ton of labels cut out and just waiting for me to get scrappy. I cut all my labels out in white but this doesn’t mean that my labels have to stay white!

I went all the way back to last year to get a layout done so that I could show you the labels that I have created. Now I created labels that can be used for 12×12 layouts or traditiaonal layouts as well as for pocket scrapbooking. I just happened to come across these pictures that I took of my daughter learning how to to tie her shoes all by herself and felt that these photos deserved a 12×12 layout.


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My favorite part about these labels is that I can make them whatever color I need them to be! Now for the good news I have already gone through all the trouble of creating the cut files for these labels so I am passing them on to you! Click HERE to download the cricut craft room files so that you can create your own lables. If you need to purchase the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge you can do so by clicking HERE and don’t forget if you buy any Cricut cartridge from me this month I will send you a free pack of paper of your choice. This offer is only available through me, once you place your order I will contact you so that I can get your pack of paper sent out to you!

Next up on the blog is Melissa from Digital Scrapbooking HQ where she is going to share with you how to create digital project life layout without a template! How exciting is that? Click HERE to get to Melissa’s awesome tutorial.


Update on the Best Apps for Scrappers

7 appsWell quite some time ago I created a post about the best apps for scrapbookers. Since then their have been many changes to the apps that I use and I expect that with the new project life app coming out from Becky Higgins, the Persnickety app that is now available and the new Rhonna Magic app that was just launched I am going to have to do a whole new post before the end of the year.

I was lucky to share a new post with Bella Crafts Quarterly this week about the top 7 apps that I am currently using to get all my scrapbooking done quickly and eaisly. You can bop on over there and check my post out about the top 7 apps by clicking here.

I also have some exciting news about the new Cricut cartridge for Close To My Heart that just became available yesterday. I am so excited about this cartridge as it is perfect for card makers but also has some images on it that are perfect for scrapbookers to.

New Artfully Sent Close To My Heart Cricut Cartridge

With the cartridge you get:

  • Over 700 images
  • 3 D Sized stamp sets
  • 1 pack of 12×12 white daisy cardstock paper

I am also giving away one paper pack of your choosing if you purchase the new Cricut Cartridge Artfully Sent between now and September 30, 2014. All you have to do is send me an email with your paper pack choice and I will get your paper sent out to you right away. This offer is available through me only and not a Close To My Heart deal. This is a $9.95 value that you get exclusively from me! To pick your paper pack all you have to do is click here, but remember do not add the paper pack to your order. Just email me with your choice and I will get that paper pack sent out to you directly from me. 

To place your order for the Artfully Sent cartridge click HERE.


Does Your Cricut Whisper?

cricut whispersLet me tell you when I first got my Cricut Expression 2 it definitely did not talk to me and it sure as heck did not whisper to me! Then the awesome Cara Miller sent me a whisper and now I can make my Cricut sing to me! Ok, not really but I definitely understand my Cricut a whole lot more and know all the things that my Cricut can do for me.

The bottom line is that these whispers that Cara offers are just awesome and if you don’t have one you should definitely go purchase one. I bet even if you are a seasoned Cricut user there are things that you could learn from Cara’s whispers. You are probably wondering at this point what is a whisper and how does it work by now!

The whisper is a little booklet that Cara has put together with all the tips and tricks you will ever need in order to use your Cricut and she has these Whispers for all the cricut machines and even the cricut craft room!

Cara’s little video here can you tell you exactly what the whispers are and how they work!

What do you think? Do you need a whisper? If so go grab one here!

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