Does Your Cricut Whisper?

cricut whispersLet me tell you when I first got my Cricut Expression 2 it definitely did not talk to me and it sure as heck did not whisper to me! Then the awesome Cara Miller sent me a whisper and now I can make my Cricut sing to me! Ok, not really but I definitely understand my Cricut a whole lot more and know all the things that my Cricut can do for me.

The bottom line is that these whispers that Cara offers are just awesome and if you don’t have one you should definitely go purchase one. I bet even if you are a seasoned Cricut user there are things that you could learn from Cara’s whispers. You are probably wondering at this point what is a whisper and how does it work by now!

The whisper is a little booklet that Cara has put together with all the tips and tricks you will ever need in order to use your Cricut and she has these Whispers for all the cricut machines and even the cricut craft room!

Cara’s little video here can you tell you exactly what the whispers are and how they work!

What do you think? Do you need a whisper? If so go grab one here!


Cutting Fabric with the Cricut

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and today is April Fools! I have to admit that I completely forgot about April Fools Day and I am not generally a prankster so this must be the reason why I usually forget about April Fools!

My family and I had a great Easter and I even managed to squeeze in some crafting! My main goal this weekend was to try to cut fabric with my Cricut this weekend. I have some great plans for some home decor and adding fabric to a scrapbooking layout could always give it some added texture.

The wonderful Cara Miller sent me this great link which of course I immediately pinned. I followed the decorations to the tee and I was able to cut out these fantastic letters out of some old Spring looking fabric that I had laying around the house.

The only problem I had, was that I couldn’t get it to make intricate cuts but I have a feeling that if I had a better quality fabric that intricate cuts would not have been a problem!

I made this cute little T-Shirt for my little one using the free Easter cuts in the Cricut Craft Room and just ironed the letters right on the shirt. Easy as Pie!

cutting fabric with the cricut

You can find the instructions right here! These instructions were so easy to follow and if you buy the small package of Heat and Bond it is only about $3 dollars at Joann’s.

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