Project Life and a Baby!

I did it! I had another baby, he’s almost two months now and just as with my other children I can’t imagine my life without him. Times have changed though in the scrapbooking world since I had my other two children and I am lot busier now then I used to be for some reason.

I decided that since I am a mother of three now that I was going to create a project life album as the baby’s 1st year album as well as complete a project life album for the family this year. I think I might be a little crazy but I am hoping to be able to catch up with both albums by the end of this month.

I think I completely under estimated how much time I would really have while being home and taking care of a newborn!

I have managed to complete the month of January for the baby’s album and for our family project life album. There are some things that I find a little more complicated with project life.

The baby’s project life album I am working on is digital so it is a little easier than the actual family album in that I don’t have to put the photos into the sizes that I want to print them. I find it very time-consuming going through the photos and putting the photos that I want to be 3×4 size in a template to print.

I do love the ease of throwing these photos in the album though! I think once I learn to set aside time each week and I am all caught up that sorting and printing photos will be much easier for me but until then I am playing catch up since I have not learned to set up time each week to go through the thousands of photos that I take each day.

I am working on getting on some type of schedule for my photos which I have come to find is very important if you are going to tackle a project life album. With all that being said I am finding that I really enjoy pocket page scrapbooking and I enjoy mixing it up by adding 12×12 layouts to the mix for those photos that I feel really deserve to be honored on a 12×12 layout.

I wanted to share with you a few pages that I have completed for the baby’s album so far. I have to admit that I really love the ease of creating his album digitally considering I take about 50 thousand pictures a day of him!

For the family project life album I have decided to primarily use the Kraft Edition kit and I think I will be adding some stuff from the 5th and frolic kit.

Have you attempted Project Life yet?


Another Week of Gratitude!

Well I know I am late to the party for linking up with Cathy Zielske’s site but that’s ok because I had a very busy weekend! My son turned 15 years old today and we were busy celebrating this weekend! It is hard to believe that he is 15 years old already! It is starting to hit me that I don’t have that many years left of me being able to wake him up in the morning with Birthday Kisses and Hugs.

No matter how old he gets though I always tell him that he will always be my baby! With that being said here are some of my pages that will be going into my Gratitude album at the end of the month. Can you believe that November is already half over!

Again the majority of these pictures were taken with my iPhone except for Day 12 which I stole from my best friend! I am by far not creative enough to think of taking a picture like that plus we are currently in different states right now. I did use the Rhonna app on some of the photos again as well as the Phonto app, these seem to be my go to apps currently!

What are your current go to apps for photo editing on your phone?

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