Facebook and Scrapbooking

Well if you are like me then chances are you have a Facebook and if you have a Facebook account, then you most likely publish your photos to your Facebook account. There are guidelines that you can follow when you post photos to your Facebook page. I wanted to share some of these guidelines with you because these guidelines can be used for when you create a scrapbooking layout as well.

Edit, Crop, Sort

1. Remember just because you have a thousand photos from one event it doesn’t mean that they all need to be uploaded to your Facebook account and posted. You should go through your photos, edit them and then pick the best photos that depict that event. The same goes for when you are thinking about creating a scrapbook page. Your photos should be edited, cropped and sorted into the order that you want them to be in so that you can get your photos on to your page quickly and easily.

Facing the right side up/Layout

2. When posting your photos to Facebook make sure that they are facing the right side up. I can’t tell you how many times I see someones pictures and they are upside down or at a 90 degree angle. It only takes a few seconds to turn that picture the right way and it makes a world of difference when someone sees the picture the way it is intended to be seen! The same concept goes with scrapbooking when you are planning your layout you should lay your pictures on to the paper that you have chosen and make sure that the pictures are cohesive with the paper, the layout and the embellishments that you want to use before you adhere everything.

Keep the pictures to a minimum

3. Keep the pictures to a minimum. If you went to the zoo with the family, it is not necessary to post all 200 photos that you took! Sometimes less is more. If you feel that you need all 200 photos then break them down into smaller albums, for example put all your photos of the gorillas in the same album! The same concept can be used with scrapbooking, just because you have 200 photos from your trip to the zoo doesn’t mean that you have to scrapbook all 200 of your photos. Pick the best photos and use them for your album. If you feel that you have 20 or more photos from that one outing and you want to share them all then maybe a mini album with those photos would be the best option.


4. Title your pictures or your layout if you feel it’s necessary. Sometimes you have a picture and the person looking at it might think “ok that’s a great picture, but why is it here”. When posting your photos on Facebook label some of them so that your friends and family will know what you were thinking when you took that picture. The same concept can be used for scrapbooking in regards to titiling your layouts and journaling on your layouts. Journaling is a key component to scrapbooking because it tells your story. So don’t forget to tell your story!

These are just some of my thoughts on how to upload your photos to your Facebook accounts and how to prepare them for a scrapbooking layout. I have all my photos in albums on Facebook and you can find them here!

Example of layout that I recently completed. Best pictures were chosen, title was inputed and journaling was completed!



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Just a few examples of pins that you can find from me on Pinterest!

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Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest


I Can’t Believe It


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As I was pretty much out of commission last week. I didn’t realize that I have been blogging for a month already. I have learned many new things by blogging and by becoming more and more enmeshed in the social media world via Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and Facebook. Not that I didn’t use any of these venues before but not like I do now. I have met some very neat people through Twitter in the past month since I have been sharing my blog on Twitter. I have managed to link up with some people through all these venues and have been introduced to so many crafters from around the world. 


Scrapbooking is my passion and if I didn’t have to work I would just stay home and scrapbook and craft away all day


every day! Unfortunately I live in the real world and not in Beth World as I would say like to spend my days in Beth World as it is a wonderful place to be. Blogging has provided a wonderful way for me to share my passion not only with other scrapbookers but also with people that aren’t scrapbookers. 

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I thank all of my followers on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. I look forward to meeting more people as the months go by. I look forward to sharing with more and more people through the many social media venues. 


Happy Scrapbooking Everyone!


Thank you for your support 



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