Instagram Updated App Review

I have received many questions lately on how to use Instagram and where are the frames to add to the photos. I answer all these questions and more in this brief video about Instagram. This video is really just a walk through on how to use the app and what the app is used for. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments or in the Facebook group and I will answer them.

instagram photos with the project life app

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Printing Instagram Photos

printing instagram at homeI did it! I figured out what was going wrong and why I couldn’t get my Instagram photos to print correctly at home on my wonderful Cannon Selphy!

I wish I had done this before because I would have saved myself a ton of aggravation!

There are a few things that I have learned about printing on the Cannon Selphy.

The first thing is to have the Bordered option turned on all the time. When the bordered option is not turned on the pictures don’t always print on the paper and usually get cut off.

In order to print an Instagram photo on the Selphy from your iPhone you need to grab the pictures from your Instagram album and send those photos to the Selphy if you want your photo to be printed in Instagram format.

After you tell the Selphy to print you are good to go and you will have a perfectly printed Instagram photo at your home.

I prefer to print my Instagram photos from home as ordering them online tends to be expensive plus I take so many photos it is easier for me to keep up with printing them at home.

How do you print your Instagram photos?

You can download the Cannon app by clicking on the little printer below! It’s a free app


App Tuesday – Instagram

Instagram app reviewToday is Tuesday and it’s that time for a new app review! Today I am going to do a quick review on the Instagram app. Who doesn’t love Instagram? I am going to be quite honest back in July I wasn’t so sure about Instagram but now that I know they are not intending to sell my photos to anyone I have decided to stick with Instagram!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media outlet that lets you connect with other people and share your photos with all your friends! My favorite part of the app is that you can add many different effects to your photos and that you can then print out these great Instagram photos into those lovely square photos that I am obsessed with!

The app itself is very easy to use and the photos that you edit can be automatically saved into your camera roll which you can then print out. There are so many different ways that you can get your photos printed from your phone. Shutterfly offers you the ability to print them straight from your phone and they have the cheapest rate for 4×4 prints. This truly is the easiest way that I have found to order 4×4 prints if you are going to order from a company. You can also print the photos yourself at home. I sometimes print my photos with the Cannon Selphy 900 which is a great photo printer!

Back to Instagram I suggest that you take your photos with your regular camera and then upload the photo to Instagram so that you can choose where you want the photo be cropped. Next you crop your photo pick your effect and add a description and your all done, easy as pie.

Instagram is a great place for you to meet new people and see some really cool pictures. So will give you Instagram a try? If you already have Instagram come and follow me I love to meet new people!