All About my iPhone!

Protect your iPhone!As much as I talk about my iPhone and all the apps that I use to create wonderful photos on my iPhone I have come to realize that I have never shared with you what I use to protect my favorite device!

I get so many compliments on the case that I have chosen for my iPhone and she is a pretty rocking case. I’m always on the go so for me having the ability to store my license and a credit card or money with my iPhone works really well for me! Here she is the Incipio stowaway! I have the iPhone 5 so she keeps my iPhone protected and I get to cart around my license and not always have to drag my purse with me. This is great for those days that I am out and about with the kids!

Amazon is definitely the best place to buy this case because it has the cheapest price!

I love this case so much that I plan on buying another one! I think that it is going to be this one just because it has the name cherry blossom pink in it and I love cherry blossoms!

The other thing that I wanted to touch on about iPhone care is your memory. If you are anything like me you take tons of photos with your iPhone. If you do this is wonderful but the way to keep your phone working properly is to ensure that you have a decent amount of memory available on your phone so that it can work properly. If the memory on your phone is all used up your iPhone will run slow and you will have issues updating apps and the software on your iPhone when updates are available.

Remove the photos from your iPhone on a monthly basis or weekly basis whatever works for you and back the photos up on your computer or on an external hard drive. This way you are able to free space up on your phone and lessen the risk of losing the photos on your phone. You don’t want to take the chance of losing your iPhone or breaking your iPhone and losing all your photos.

Even if you backup your phone to the cloud, the cloud only keeps the most recent 1000 photos. Keep your photos backed up to lessen the risk of losing all those important photos on your phone. I currently place my photos into the Creative Memories Memory Manager because this is the program that I have been using for years.

Just to recap this post is all about protecting the Camera that you Always have with You! Meaning your iPhone.

Get a case and a case that will protect your iPhone if you were to drop it.
Backup your photos and take them off of your iPhone either once a month or once a week.

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App Tuesday – Flickr

Flickr app reviewI just have to talk about the Flickr app today with the all new Layout A Day class fast approaching. Back in February I used the Flickr app a ton because I was posting my wonderful layouts that I made every day in the month of February during my LOAD class!


Back to the Flickr app that was super easy to use and helped me connect with the Flickr group.

Flick is an online photo management and sharing site it is a little like Instagram but different and it gives you the ability to really connect with other people.

flickr app screen shotWhen you first download the app you are going to want to check out the under the hood stuff which is what I call the settings. In the settings part of the app you can enable your sharing so that you can share photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr directly from the app. You can update your notification settings and choose what you want to be notified about.

The settings area also gives you the ability to turn your photo filters on or off, save the photos to your camera roll, upload size, photo privacy, location privacy, photo safety level, and a safe search filter. The under the hood area of the app makes sure that you have your Flickr app set up just the way you want it to be and that your security levels are the way that you want them to be as well.

uploading a photo to flickrUploading a photo to the Flickr app is super easy and you can add the title to your layout and the description to your layout directly from your phone. You can also click on the little advanced button and add the photo to groups that you are in, to a person, add tags and decide if you want your photo be public or only be shared with specific people or private.

You can also make friends on the Flickr app and see photos of your contacts on the app. You can look at all the photos that you have marked as your favorite so that you can review them as inspirational layouts.

The Flickr app is a great app that enables you to interact with your friends and within groups and is one of the best apps that I have used for sharing my photos and interacting with other people.

With all that said go and download the Flickr app and sign up for the Layout A Day class that is coming in May so that we can interact with each other and have a grand ole time!!!


Great Photos, it’s Possible!

I often get asked how do I take great product photos of my layouts and cards that I create. I struggled with this for some time and I was doing OK.

I would take my photos and they would be good photos but they weren’t great photos. Then a light bulb went off for me the great Lain Ehmann who I talk about all the time because she has these great classes that are always life changing in some way, ┬áhad this wonderful class available by Nichol Magouirk and it changed my life!

Now I am able to take amazing photos of my cards and layouts to share with you and surprisingly the majority of the time I take these photos with my iPhone as well.

So all those lovely photos that you see of my cards and layouts that look so awesome are because of Nichol Magouirk’s class. If you ever struggled with taking photos of your products then I highly suggest you take this class, you won’t regret it and you will be posting awesome photos of your products.

Her class has wonderful tips regardless of what type of product you are trying to sell or showcase and the tips make you go ahhhhh why didn’t I think of that.

So go on ahead and take this amazing class by Nichol Magouirk, all you have to do is click right here.

Here are some examples of photos that I have taken since I took this class with my iPhone.

These photos were taken a little later in the day and I liked the shadow effect so I left them alone and didn’t do any editing. I am very pleased with the skills that I learned from the class and I think you would be too.

How do you take your product photos for your site or forums?

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