5 Tips for Printing with a Selphy

printing with a selphyI see questions asked all the time on how to print certain things with the Selphy printer. I figured it was time for me to share all the things that I have learned about my Selphy since I’ve had it.

The Selphy is an awesome little printer for the price that you pay for her and she gets the job done but she does have a few drawbacks that might drive you crazy, depending on how particular you are.

#1 the Selphy does not print true 4×6 photos. You will get prints that are just a hair shy of 6 inches. Now this doesn’t bother me at all especially considering how I use my Selphy. My Selphy is a project printer for me. I mainly use her when I’m doing 30 days of thankful, December daily, LOAD or if I take some photos that I just want to scrap immediately. Using my Selphy this way helps me get these projects completed and keeps my scrappy self happy. I also don’t feel it’s economical to print everything with my Selphy. I do bulk printing through Shutterfly and persnickety prints.

#2 printing two 3×4’s can be done but remember they won’t be full 3×4’s as the Selphy does not print a true 4×6. Again this is not something that bothers me a great deal. Their are many ways that you can get this done depending on the apps that you want to use. The free app that I use to get this job done is pic stitch because it is the easiest app to remove the border. You can also use the project life app in the collage feature. When printing the photos from your phone to your Selphy you need to choose the borderless option so that you can get as close to a 3×4 photo as possible. You also have to make sure that the area of your photos are within the main area of the 3×4 so that you don’t end up cutting off parts that you want in the photo.

#3 printing 4×4 or instagram photos can be done with your Selphy as well. If you have an iPhone you can simply crop down your photo to square size open your Selphy app and choose the bordered option to print it. Now you aren’t going to get an exact 4×4 print but you are going to get a 3.5×3.5 print which is fine for me. When you trim your photo you can always leave a half inch white border around it if you need the photo to be an exact 4×4. If you don’t have an iPhone all you have to do is put your photo into a collage app or any app that allows you to crop your photo down to that 1:1 ratio/square size. For iPhone users that have their instagram photos saved into a folder you can just grab one of those photos with the Selphy app and print them by choosing the bordered option as well.

#4 printing 2×2 photos. Again this can be done but you aren’t going to get true 2×2 photos. You can use the pic stitch app to create 4 2×2 on a square photo which is the method that I used during my 30 days of thankful album or you can use the project life app and get 6 2×2 photos on a 4×6. I have used that method as well put you have to be prepared to have parts of your photo cut off which is fine as long as you plan ahead of time and place your photo in each block correctly. Either method works just fine if you use the pic stitch method you have to make sure that you print the photo as bordered and if you use the project life method you have to make sure you print the photo as borderless.

#5 If you don’t have WIFI you are not able to print wirelessely with the Selphy printer. I tried to use my hotspot one day when our internet was down and that was a no go for me. Canon also has not created software drivers for Windows 8 computers which means that if you want to use your Selphy with your computer that has Windows 8 this is not currently an option. I can tell you that you have more control with printing your photos through the computer software but I have managed to deal with this issue for months.

Well their you have it all my tips on how to get photos printed with your Canon Selphy and your iPhone. Once you know how to print your photos you won’t waste paper and you can get your photos printed quickly and easily. I have learned all these tips through trial and error on my part! One last tip if you are looking for a Selphy printer paper the best deal that I have found for it has always been on Amazon and if you are shopping for a Selphy the best deal I have found for one has also been on Amazon.  You can grab the iPhone app by clicking here so that you can print from your iPhone.

make it monday


Now that you have all my tips about the Selphy I am hoping that you came to me from Karen’s site where she shared a Year in Review layout that has room for 12 pictures!

Next up on the blog circle is Jen and she is sharing how you can meet your design goals this year with a freebie that she has for you.




Print Studio App Review

print studio app reviewAll I can say is WOW when it comes to this app at .50 cents a print for 4×4 photos and at .31 cents a print for 2×2 you really can’t go wrong. Granted I print a ton of stuff on my Selphy and I have tried Shutterfly for 4×4 prints before but the quality of the Print Studio prints was Amazing. After using the app which is incredibly easy and receiving my prints quickly and packaged nicely I was very pleased and will not be able to talk about this app enough.

I have put together a little video for you all so that you can see just how easy the app is to use as well as the prints that I received back from Print Studio. One of the things that I hated about my 30 days of thankful album was putting the photos in 2×2 size because I wasn’t sure what photos would look right as a 2×2 but with the Print Studio app it takes all that guess work out for me and I can just print my photos. The only down side is having to wait for them and this is only a downside for me when I am working on a project such as 30 days of thankful or my December daily.

The video that I completed shows you how the app works and how easy it is to get your photos uploaded and printed.

Unfortunately at the time that I completed the video my photos have disappeared into thin air. I am really hoping that they show up soon. In the mean time you are going to have to take my word for how awesome the photos are. The photos are printed on archival quality 300 gsm paper and they have a smooth matte finish. When I opened my package of prints I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to have such beautiful prints. Now if I could just find them my scrapbooking life would be so much better. You can read more about print studio by clicking here and you can download the app by clicking here. The app is also available for android.


Creative Christmas Crafting

make it mondayDecember 1st is here and with that the Creative Christmas bundle is almost gone as well. At 90% off this is the deal of the century and is jam packed with so many projects to make your Christmas crafting easy and fun. Today I am going to show how I incorporated some of the products from the other designers that participated in putting this bundle together.

Margareta has created an entire pocket scrapbooking kit for this bundle and it is gorgeous. In preparation of documenting my December Daily this year I downloaded the files and put them on my phone. I know that I will want to create some collage photos for my December Daily album and these pocket cards are perfect. I even played around in the Aviary app to add some effects to one of the 3×4 cards. You can take these cards and make them your own by sticking them into a photo editing app.

I took Margareta’s cards and put them in a project life layout via the project life app so that you could see some of the cards that are available. I also want to share that whether the card is 3×4 or 4×6 it conforms to the pocket that you are placing the card in, as you can see I used 4×6, 4×4 and 3×4 sizes in these layouts. I edited the snowman card with the Aviary app which was free for the whole month of November along with all the effects that are available in the app but their are tons of apps that you can use to edit these cards to make them fit your December Daily theme.

Here is the catch, if you like these cards or need some help with crafting this holiday season then this bundle is for you but Today is the last day that you can get this bundle at 90% off. After today the bundle will no longer be available. Their are other digital scrapbooking kits available in the bundle, an Advent Calendar activity, Christmas cards, a Calendar that you can create for the new year, embroidery patterns and more. Don’t miss out on this amazing bundle of crafty goodies. I even forgot to mention the Cricut and Silhouette cut files that are also available in the bundle. You can grab the bundle by clicking HERE.

If you would like to see what some of the other designers have created by using this bundle you can hop on over to Janet where she shares with you how she likes to make a digital template her own and a few template tricks using her products from the Creative Christmas Bundle and I am hoping that you came to me from Kristie who showed you how to jazz up printables to create unique cards with minimum time & effort.

The next deal that is available is amazing and is also only available today only. Both of these offers end at 11:59 pm on December 1st. 

Cyber Monday Deal

I have some other awesome news to share with you as well on this Cyber Monday. Today only you can grab the Close To My Heart Cricut bundles for 20% off. Close To My Heart has never offered this before and this is an amazing deal. Their are 4 cartridges to choose from and their is something for everyone. Each bundle comes with 3 D sized stamp sets and either paper or chipboard pieces.

close to my heart cricut bundles

The Art Philosophy cartridge has something for everyone. Within the 700 images that comes with the cartridge you have overlays, borders, cards, tags, 3D shapes, boxes, bags, flowers and more. This is the first cartrdridge I purchased and I was not dissapointed

Artiste is for the project maker. With this cartridge you can make tons of 3D shapes, mini albums, and layered pieces. If you are a paper crafter and love to make home decor items and such then this is the cartridge for you.

Artbooking is for the scrapbooker. With this cartridge you can make tons of layouts and mini albums with just a few clicks of a button.

Artfully Sent is for the card maker and the project lifer. If you love to make cards or like to make your own pocket scrapping cards then this is the cartridge for you. You can create pop up cards, scene cards, sentiments, sleeves and pocket cards.

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal, grab your Cricut bundle for 20% off TODAY ONLY. Don’t forget that Close To My Heart also has tons of coordinating stamp sets that work with these bundles and any purchase that is $50 dollars or more qualifies you to purchase all C and D sized stamp sets for only $10. You can see the full list of coordinating stamp sets HERE.

Grab Your Cricut Cartridge HERE at 20% off Today Only

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