Cards and Some Rambling

I have been very busy making cards and finishing my layouts up. I have a wedding coming up and of course I didn’t have any cards made for a wedding! I had to go and make one which wasn’t a problem because I love to make new things. I don’t know about you but I get a real joy out of making things for other people. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy making things for myself but seeing the expression of joy on people’s faces when I give them something that I have made is so exciting. Here is a picture of the card that I made it didn’t take me long at all which is a good thing considering I started late at night. Those monsters of mine just don’t want to go to bed sometimes.


wedding card for my friend: I call it the heart flower of love

The card is a 6×6 card which is one of my favorite size cards to create! I have no idea why but that size just appeals to me for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with that OCD of mine that I have mentioned a few times before. Here is how I made the card:

1. cut a piece of 12×12 cardstock in half and then score it so that you can make your fold.
2. cut a piece of cardstock into 4×4 size (mine is from a Martha stewart collection) and mount it to the front of the card.
3. make a circle on the front of the card in pencil (I used my small creative memories custom cutting system circle to make a circle, which is a 4 inch size in diameter)
4. punch out your first set of hearts in mine were 1 1/4 and adhere them to the circle by slightly overlapping each one.
5. punch out your next set of hearts in the same size and adhere to the lower portion of your hears that you already adhered to the card.
6. repeat step 5 one more time.

Voila you end up with a heart flower of love which is what I am calling my creation. Since it is a card that I have made for my friend’s wedding. Tomorrow I get the pleasure of watching my friend get married! I have also made her an 8×8 scrapbook that is just waiting for her pictures and the first page of the scrapbook matches her card that I just made. Again its an OCD issue.

Have any of you ever named your creations?


Crafting Apps for Sale

Just a quick note as of right now the Martha Steward CraftStudio App is available for free on all apple devices. The app is usually $4.99 but it is free until July 8th. If you’re a scrapper then you’re a crafter!!! So go check out the app if you can and let me know what you think. I just downloaded it and plan on checking it out myself! :

So I finally got a chance  to check out this free Martha Stewart app and I think its pretty neat. The App is easy enough to use. You can create three types of cards, a horizontal card (prints as 5×7), vertical card (prints as 5×7) or a square card (prints 5×5). There are cute layouts for these cards, such as, birthday, Everday Life, Doily Lace, and Nature. These are the free themes after that there are a bunch of themes that you can buy for a $1.99 which doesn’t seem to bad but I don’t see myself buying any themes any time soon!! You can add your own pictures to the cards as well. So basically you can create custom cards right on your iPad. Considering the app was free I would say it is very neat. You can order the prints directly from Snapfish, you can send the card to your own printer, and you can share the card via email, Facebook, and Twitter. All in all I would give the app an A. I definitely will be playing with it some more!

The Michaels App is available for iPhones and Android phones and is a great app to have because you will never forget a coupon. The app also provides exclusive coupons for people who have the app. You should go ahead and download it! It has definitely saved my money :)