Free Digital Layouts

I have been busy slaving away making digital layouts in my spare time. I am planning on selling these layouts on an Etsy shop and on my site but I have many more to create. I have done some Christmas layouts, boy layouts and girl layouts. I am actually having fun creating the digital layouts. I am going to have to come up with a way to organize them all in my computer though. I am going to post them up and if any of you would like one of them shoot me an email at I would be happy to send you one in the format that you need it in.


Quick and Easy Layouts in Progress


If you have been following my blog then you have read me write on several occasions that I believe in getting the layouts completed quickly and easily. I am not saying that I don’t spend time on my layouts because I do. One thing I don’t do is over think my layouts. I get my pictures and find the best paper to complement them. Then I crop them accordingly and stick them down. I am not going to say my method is the best method but when you have two monsters to take care of and work full-time, my method seems to work.  I wanted to share with you all the steps that I take to get a layout completed.

  1. Organize my pictures (I organize my stuff chronologically and as I do this I place the pictures in order that I would like them on a page).
  2. Crop the pictures that are going to go on the layout if they need to be
  3. Pick the best paper that is going to make my pictures pop or match with my pictures
  4. Decide if I am going to want any big embellishments on the page so that I can leave room for the embellishment
  5. Stick the pictures down
  6. Title my page
  7. Journal my story
  8. Embellish

Before I know it my layout is done and is ready to go in an album!!! I always have a sense of accomplishment once I have fully completed a layout. Here are some of the layouts that are a work in progress that I completed in about 2 hours. The only thing that I have left to do is add some embellishments to these pages. All these pages are from my 2010 album that I am currently working on. As usual I am a few years behind in my scrapbooking. My motto is that being behind in my scrapbook gives me the ability to enjoy my memories all over again!

What are your methods for getting your layouts completed?