App Review – Big Lens

I have a new favorite app. I know that you have probably heard of Big Lens before just like I have but I am always hesitant to spend money on apps even when they are$.99 cents. We all know that $.99 cents can add up if you don’t pay attention to what you are spending!

Any who Big Lens is a great app that allows you to edit photos on your iPhone that make the photos look like you have taken them with your DSLR camera. How does Big Lens do this? The app gives you the ability to create a focus on your photo and blur everything else out. You can even adjust what the aperature should be like along with adding a filter to your photo and adjusting the lens that you would have used to take the photo!

You can also adjust the amount of focus and blur that you would like on your photo. You can change your photo to be a photo that you would have taken in HDR mode as well. After you have played around with your photo and made tons of tweeks and changes you can compare what the orignial photo and your new photo look like.

The only places that you can add your photo directly from the app are Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Picassa and of course you can save your photo to your phone and then upload it wherever you want.

I can’t speak enough about how much fun this app is to play with and all the wonderful different effects that you can create with your photos. The app has just seemed to open up a whole new world for me. Now that I sound like the biggest nerd ever, I am going to stop writing and share some of my photos with you that I have created with the Big Lens app.

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Challenging Photos

Does everybody get professional pictures done? You know the ones where you take your children to the studio to get pictures taken because you want to remember what they looked like during that particular stage in their life. How about the ones when they are playing a sport? Then you pay tons of money for pictures and hand them all out to the grandparents and aunts and uncles and still have tons of pictures sitting on your scrapbooking desk. These pictures then sometimes end up in a  frame and sometimes they end up in the same envelope they were in when you received the pictures.

I had a little bit of both going on at my house. I unearthed tons of professional photos the other day. The ones of the baby are pretty easy to time stamp but some of the ones that I have of my son forget about it. These pictures are just going to have to go into the album that I think it belongs to. Oh the problems of being an OCD chronological scrapbooker!

It was my goal this weekend to get as many of these pictures scrapbooked as I could as they were just lying around in envelopes and the world wasnt seeing any of them. Some of them I even forgot about. I ended up getting 14 layouts done and put into the appropriate scrapbooks or at least I am going to continue telling myself they are in the appropriate scrapbooks.

The point is that even for an OCD chronological scrapbooker like me it is fairly easy to get these photos scrapbooked so that way the family can enjoy them and there not just sitting in their picture envelopes. These photos are sized large (5×7 or 8×10) so the photos take up space on a 12×12 layout. I placed the photos on some complimentary paper, threw a few embellishments on them and did some journaling. I believe that some of these photos tell the story themselves. The majority of my journaling on these pages were my hopes and dreams that I have for my wonderful children.

I will post a few of them for you to see how quickly you can scrapbook these photos. What do you all do with the professional pictures that you get done?


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