Mini Albums Galore

I love mini albums they are a great way to scrapbook events such as Disney trips or Birthdays. They also make great presents! I have decided to create a mini album for my honey for Father’s Day this year. Last year for Christmas I made him an exploding box telling him all the reasons why I love him and he got such a kick out of the box.

I might as well get him really excited with a mini album! I have this great acrylic album from clear scraps that I am going to turn into a 10 reasons why I love you mini album. Of course I have been on Pinterest and I have been looking for different ideas of how I want to decorate the album. Here are a few ideas that I have found.



You can check out more of my inspiring mini albums on Pinterest!

Do you have any crafting plans in mind for Father’s Day?


App Tuesday-Pinterest

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I figured it was only fitting that I address Pinterest!!! Pinterest is a wonderful way to save your scrapbooking inspiration and tutorials and share them with others. You can see what other people have been inspired by and might decide that the pin inspires you as well!

Pinterest is an online pin board/online inspiration board. I have real inspiration boards hanging out in my work area so pinterest is a virtual inspiration board where you can save everything and anything that you find on the web that inspires you. Pinterest is set up where you can create a board for each thing that inspires you.

For instance I have boards for scrapbooking layouts, scrapbooking products, recipes, items that I might like for my house and it goes on and on.

Pinterest Scrapbooking Board

Pinterest Scrapbooking Board

So let’s get to the app review. I like the fact that the app allows you to see what the people who you are following have pinned, you can explore and you can pick from different categories to search through. There is another tab that is news and the news section tells you who has repinned your pins and who has followed you. You can view your profile and search the different boards that you have set up and look at all your pins. Basically the app works just like it does on the computer which is wonderful because not all apps work just as well as they do on the computer.

You can also take a picture from your pinterest app and upload it to one of your pinterest boards. You can create a pin it button on your phone or tablet as well so that you can pin items that you find on your phone or tablet. You can find directions here on how to create a pin it button for your phone or tablet.

I can’t believe that I am not done yet! You can also find friends from Facebook or invite friends and you can access your account settings from your phone or tablet.

There you have it the pinterest app is a wonderful app and a great way to organize your inspiration boards. There are no limits to what you can have on your inspiration boards and you can arrange them any way you want. You can take your inspiration with you and make it really easy for yourself to look up items that have inspired you.

So come on over a check out my Pinterest!!! I have tons of inspiration to share with you!

Happy Pinning :)


Just a Quick Note

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Just a few examples of pins that you can find from me on Pinterest!

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest