Lost Scrappy Mojo

It’s gone I just don’t have it in me and I have been sitting here all week wondering where my scrappy mojo has gone. I had a very busy weekend and worked on reorganizing some of the rooms in my house. This task required moving stuff into a storage facility and basically busting my booty. Apparently while I was busting my booty I lost my scrappy mojo.

I haven’t been able to figure out where it has gone so in the meantime I have been scouring the internet looking at product and looking at the galleries in the forums that I visit but I still have not managed to get my scrappy mojo back. I did manage to purchase some Expedit Shelving from Ikea though and I found out that these shelves fit the We R Memory Keepers 12×12 albums perfectly!

EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Finished on all sides. Can also be used as a room divider.

I have decided that I am going to be ok with the fact that I don’t have any scrappy mojo. I know that it will come back to me before I know it and I will be back to creating layouts like this one!

scrappy mojo

This is the last layout that I created this month and I am really hoping that my desire to create layouts returns by the end of the month!

I have learned to just be ok with the fact that I don’t have my scrappy mojo right now. I know that it will come back and there is no reason to stress over it so I just scour the internet and pin layouts to my Pinterest while I wait for it to come back. Come check out what I am pinning while I am waiting for it to come back here!

What do you do when you lose your scrappy mojo?


5 Simple Scrapbooking Tips

Today I want to share with you a few of my tips for creating my quick layouts. Generally a layout only takes me about a half hour unless I get stumped which does happen to me every once in a while!

5 simple scrapbooking tips

Tip #1: I always print my photos in bulk, especially when Shutterfly has there 101 free prints. I find that if I have my pictures I am more capable at sitting down when I get a few moments to create a layout.

Tip #2: Once I get my pictures I group the pictures that I want to scrap together and pick out the base paper that I am going to use for each set and then I just leave that stack on my craft table. If you don’t have a craft table then you can stick them in an Iris box.

Tip #3: Be decisive, this means that once you decide to pick a certain color from your photo or background paper then just go with it!

Tip #4: Remember that every layout does not have to be a masterpiece and it is ok to keep the embellishments down to a minimum.

Tip #5: When you get stuck walk AWAY from the Layout. It is OK to mull over a layout but that doesn’t mean you can’t move on to the next layout while that particular layout is hanging out on the side. Just consider the layout in a time out and realize that this is OK. The layout below is currently in time out in my house. I needs something more but I haven’t figured it out yet, so it is sitting and waiting for me to finish it.

This Layout is in Time Out

This Layout is in Time Out

So there you have it, 5 Simple steps that you can take to make your scrapbooking life just a little easier! When your busy you don’t always have a ton of time to sit and complete a layout but if you have a stack of layouts waiting for you, it is that much easier to complete one!

Below you will see the Iris box that I was talking about in Tip #2, I love these boxes and use them to store all kinds of things! Also just an FYI for you if you order anything from Shutterfly today  (May 15, 2013) you can get 25% of the entire site by using code BOXTOPS at checkout. So I encourage you to get some photos printed and have them waiting for you to scrap when you are ready!

What types of things do you do to make your scrapbooking life easier?


A Wowzers of a Scrapbooking Challenge

will you take the challengeI love challenges and I am also super excited about the National Scrapbook Creative Crop that Big Picture Class is sponsoring on May 4th. I have already registered for this free event and I am really looking forward to it!


I happened to be checking in on my forums today and someone mentioned that Stacy Julian is holding a challenge and that you could win a $50 gift certificate to Big Picture Class! This is very exciting so I checked it out and wowzers this is one heck of a challenge.


You can find the challenge here. I think that I am going to give this one a whirl and see what I can come up with. Will you be attending the creative crop over at Big Picture Class and take the challenge with me?

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