WHY I Scrapbook

why I scrapbook picture

Today is the last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) as you know I have been posting everyday this month. I am very proud of myself for completing this challenge, which it was a challenge to keep up with a post everyday!

I wanted to first say HAPPY HALLOWEEN  to all of my readers and wish you a wonderful and safe Halloween night. To the people that were affected by hurricane Sandy on the East Coast I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

Since today is the last day of the UBC, I decided I would share with you my WHY. What I mean about my WHY is WHY I scrapbook. I started this business because I am passionate about scrapbooking. I have never shared with you why I am passionate about scrapbooking. My WHY is because I want to remember the past.

That is the quick and easy answer to my WHY but in reality my WHY is a lot deeper than that. I have a life that is filled with monotonous daily tasks that are associated with being an adult. I want to remember all the events that have happened in my life that have brought me joy and happiness. I also want to remember the trying times in my life.

For these reasons I scrapbook. I document my life, my children’s lives and the lives of the people who come in and out of my life. Remember some people come into your life only for a season and some might even stay for a few seasons and then you have a few people who just might stay in your life for a lifetime but if you don’t document these people you might not remember them.

I believe that everyone that crosses my path is put into my life for a reason and I for one would like to remember that person that was in my life for that season or seasons.

There are events and things that you do on an everyday basis but if you don’t document these things there is a chance that you will be 80 years old and won’t remember them at all. As well as I would like to leave something for my children so that they can go back and look and remember their childhood.

I only have about 4 pictures of myself as a child. I want more for my children I want them to be able to open an album and read the stories that I wrote about them and my outlook on their wonderful personalities.

This is my WHY. WHY I scrapbook and WHY I have a passion and a desire to teach other people how to scrapbook. I believe that everyone should  remember their lives, document their lives and share their stories so that others can remember them!


Importance of Pictures

Earlier this month an article written by Allison Tate went viral. The article was about how mom’s need to stay in the picture and not be afraid to get in the picture with their children.

I read the article and realized how important it is for me to take pictures with my children. My body may not be perfect and I am definitely not the skinniest mom on the planet. I am a tomboy at heart which is why more often than not you can find me in a pair of jeans and sneakers. At home I’m always in a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, but this is me, this is who my kids see on a daily basis and they love me. This is why I should always remember to be in the picture!

Yesterday my little one was sick and of course that meant I had to stay home with her. I haven’t slept in about two days and I just crashed with her on the couch. My boyfriend took a picture of us and normally I would be so upset because here I am passed out after not sleeping and taking care of sick child and I look horrible and on and on. The fact is that, this is our life, this is how we look after not sleeping and taking care of a sick child and these moments should be documented as well.

This is what happens when you havent slept in days and you have been taking care of a sick child

The Mom Stays In The Picture is the article that inspired me to realize the importance of staying in the picture. It’s a great article and it’s not meant just for mom’s all people that are the main picture takers in the family need to realize how important it is to stay in the picture!


3×3 Envelope Tutorial

Day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!!! So far so good but it’s only day 3. I feel the mantra of the little engine that could in my head for the rest of the month!

Back to the tutorial. Yesterday I was all about these cute little 3×3 cards that I found on another blog and I made these wonderful 3×3 cards and the box that goes along with them. I forgot all about the envelopes that are needed though and I for the life of me I wasn’t sure what size paper I needed to start with to make these envelopes. So Google to the rescue. I will be working on my envelopes later this evening.