Top 10 Apps for Scrapbookers

I wanted to continue on this journey with you of app reviews this week and give you a list of my top ten scrapbooking apps. These are my go to apps that I use on a consistent basis to get my scrapbooking done quickly and easily. I love my iPhone so these are all apps that are definitely on the iPhone. For you droid users I will let you know if there is an app for that lol.

Top Ten Apps for Scrapbookers:

  1. ScrapStash is an app for recording what supplies you have or what supplies you might want. You can find my app review here. Currently only availalbe for iPhone
  2. Shutterfly is an app that gives you the ability to upload your photos directly from your phone to your Shutterfly account. You have to log into the computer so that you can print your photos but your photos are already there from your phone :) Which makes life a little easier because you don’t have to connect your phone to the computer to get your photos to Shutterfly. Currently only available for iPhone and you can find my review on the app here.
  3. Michaels, Joann and Hobby Lobby all these apps are so that you can use copouns to get your scrapbooking shopping done. I love coupons especially the 50% off ones! You can find my app review here and they are available on iPhone and Android
  4. Diptic is a great little app that gives you the ability to create photo collages straight from your phone and it has tons of options, available on iPhone and Android
  5. YouTube ever since Apple has updated to a new operating system YouTube now has to be downloaded on to your phone as an app. YouTube is great when you are looking for videos on how to create a new scrapbooking embellishment or you just need some scrapbooking inspiration from one of the great scrapbookers out there! YouTube is availabe for iPhone and Android
  6. Incredibooth is such a cute app it creates a photo strip that are just like the ones that you would get from a photo booth. Its a great app and the kids have a ton of fun with it. Currently only available on the iPhone
  7. Two Peas in a Bucket I love Two Peas it is a great place to get scrapbooking supplies and the forums are a ton of fun. You can shop for supplies and access the forum right from your phone or iPad. Currently only available on the iPhone
  8. Pinterest that online inspiration board that I just can’t seem to get enough of. I love Pinterest and I just did a review on the app this past Tuesday. You can find that review here. Pinterest is available for the iPhone and Android phones
  9. Feedler RSS this app is a great little app that helps you keep track of all those wonderful blogs that you like to read! You can add the blogs feed and all posts will automatically show up in your RSS feed. It is a handy little app because it allows you to keep up with your blog reading on your own time! Feedler is available for the iPhone and Android phones
  10. iPhoto is a wonderful app that helps you journal about your photos right on your phone. There are wonderful editing tools that are built into the app for you to edit your photos and the app is just amazing on how you can place your photos into albums and journals and get all those camera photos organized!
Scrapbooking Apps

Scrapbooking Apps

There you have it my top ten apps that I use almost on a daily basis. All these apps make your life just a little bit easier in someway when it comes to scrapbooking and getting all those wonderful photos that you take with your camera phones preserved and into a scrapbook!

Since I have written this post their have been quite a few changes in the industry. You can see my updated list on the best apps for scrapbookers HERE.

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  1. Thanks for the tips Beth….I’m off to download Diptic and Incredibooth now!
    Jeanie recently posted..Snowflake CurtainsMy Profile

  2. Beth, thanks for sharing apps! That’s one thing I just never get around to doing is looking for usefull/good apps; so I always appreciate when other have great recommendations! I love your new site! Happy Holidays sweet one!
    Kristie Sloan recently posted..One Sheet Mini Album, Part 2 – Any SizeMy Profile

    • Awww you are so sweet Kristie, thanks for the compliment on the site. Glad that my information helps you out. I know about tons of apps that will help you run your site as well so if you ever need that information I would be glad to pass that on to you! Happy Holidays to you and your family as well!!


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