Scrapbooking is a way for you to preserve your memories and share them with your family. An album is something that can be passed on for generations. My hope for my children is that they share their albums with their children. I hope that they keep the tradition alive of sharing photos that have been taken!

A question that I often ask people is what happens to your photos once you are no longer here on this planet? The response is generally they are on my computer my family can still see them. I then pose the question, what about the stories that go with the photos? If you are the only person that knows the story behind the photos that you have what is the point of the photo. The story is what makes the photo and it is important to share that story.

I often wonder why more people are not more inclined to take all those pictures that they have posted on Facebook and turn them into an album of some sorts so that their children have something to cherish.  My motto is if you can take the time to post on Facebook then you can take the time to create an album. Not all people enjoy creating albums and I get that but they are so very important for your family to have. Scrapbook albums are a history book for your family!

There are many items that can go into a scrapbook! You can input memorabilia from events that you have gone to, drawings that the children have made, documents from the schools that your children attend (moms you know what I am talking about, all the little awards that your children bring home!) plus your photos and some journaling and there you go you have a family history album.

You can be as creative as you want to be when making a scrapbook and you can create  many different themes of scrapbooks.  I scrapbook almost everything for my family! I have birthday scrapbooks for each child, a scrapbook that I make each year for the family and then I have smaller scrapbooks for small trips that the family may have taken. I even have a scrapbook that is just for our pets!

Here is a wonderful article that explains why families should have scrapbooks!

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